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Founding Contributors

Founding Contributors

  • Government of Israel
  • American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
  • The Brookdale Foundation
  • The David and Inez Myers Foundation
  • Atlantic Philanthropies
  • Mandell Berman
  • Alfred and Gail Engelberg
  • Bert (dec.) and Connie Rabinowitz
  • Carol and Irving Smokler
  • Marshall Weinberg
  • The Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Charitable Foundation
  • Annie and Art Sandler



Major Contributors 

  • Nora and Guy Barron
  • The Dorset Foundation
  • Andrea and Michael Dubroff
  • Mannie (dec.) and Pat Gantz, Eric Zahler and Karen Gantz-Zahler

The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute Board and Subcommittees

The Institute was established in 1974 as an independent, non-profit partnership between the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the Government of Israel. In 2004, this partnership was expanded to include the David and Inez Myers Foundation.


The Board of Directors includes representation from the Government, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the David and Inez Myers Foundation. The Board comprises senior government officials (from the Ministries of Finance, Education, Health, Social Services and the National Insurance Institute), along with international experts and major Jewish lay leaders from the Diaspora. It represents a unique forum to address shared critical social issues and needs.


The Government of Israel is represented by:


Ministry of Finance Yair Pines, Budget Division
Ministry of Health Moshe Bar Siman Tov, Director General
Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services Eliezer Yablon, Director General
Ministry of Education Shmuel Abuhav, Director General
National Insurance Institute Rami Greor, Acting Director-General

The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute Committee has three subcommittees, which provide input into the research program, share knowledge and experience and promote collaboration with other professional and Jewish organizations.


MJB Committee Chairperson: Irving Smokler


Health Advisory Committee Chairperson Prof. Gary Freed


Subcommittee on Adulthood Chairperson: Nora Barron and Daniel Dover


Subcommittee on Children Chairperson: Annie Sandler and Tricia Kallet

The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Committee

The Health Advisory Committee

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