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The Smokler Center for Health Policy Research


Israel's health care system is a world leader in delivering quality health care.  Yet ongoing concerns about workforce shortages, the growth of private medicine, and persistent health inequalities are driving national initiatives to ensure equitable access to quality care for the entire population.  MJB's Smokler Center for Health Policy Research provides independent and objective research to inform policymaking on these crucial national issues.


2018 Research Focus


  • National reforms and efficiency measures in the health system

  • The public-private mix in the health care system

  • The consumer’s perspective on service quality and performance of the health care system

  • Workforce and organizational developments

  • Contracting and remuneration methods

Journal Publications of Smokler Center Researchers (2002-2010)

These papers were published, or have been accepted for publication and are forthcoming, in Israeli and international journals and books since 2002.

Taking a closer look at Health Care in Israel's Northern Periphery: The Institute's Health Advisory Committee goes North

The Smokler Center's Health Advisory Committee June 2010 visit to Israel provided an opportunity for collaborative learning on health care services in Israel's northern periphery
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