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The Smokler Center for Health Policy Research

Twenty years after the establishment of National Health Insurance, Israel’s health system is again at a critical juncture amidst ongoing concerns about workforce shortages, the growth of private medicine, and health inequalities. There are efforts to improve patient services and to reduce gaps in accessibility to public services.  In addition, there are important initiatives to expand the public health care package, including elements in the original legislation that have not yet been implemented.


MJB’s Smokler Center for Health Policy Research is playing a key national role in addressing these concerns.  Our research program for 2016 focuses on five major themes:

  1. The transfer of responsibility for service provision from the government to the health plans in accordance with the National Health Insurance Law
  2. The development of private medicine and insurance and their consequences for the public health system
  3. Monitoring trends in the consumer’s perspective on the quality of service and performance of the health system
  4. Manpower shortages in the health professions
  5. Contracting and remuneration methods with service providers

Journal Publications of Smokler Center Researchers (2002-2010)

These papers were published, or have been accepted for publication and are forthcoming, in Israeli and international journals and books since 2002.

Taking a closer look at Health Care in Israel's Northern Periphery: The Institute's Health Advisory Committee goes North

The Smokler Center's Health Advisory Committee June 2010 visit to Israel provided an opportunity for collaborative learning on health care services in Israel's northern periphery
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