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Reports on the From Welfare to Employment Program



In August 2005, Israel launched a major Welfare to Work experimental program in four areas. A primary goal of the program is to integrate recipients of income support, who are required to take an employment test, into employment. As of August 2007, the experiment ended, and major changes were introduced into the program. In the beginning of August 2007, the Israeli government officially launched the Orot Letaasuka (Employment Lights) welfare-to-work program, replacing the original program, again as an experiment. However, the same organizations and centers that operated the original program were commissioned to implement the reformed version of the program in the same and expanded areas.


An evaluation study was conducted jointly by the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute and the Research and Planning Administration in the National Insurance Institute (NII). To date six reports have been published in the framework of the evaluation study, as well as an international literature review.


To date six reports have been published in the framework of the evaluation study, as well as an international literature review and a report on a project with the Jerusalem-based Amin employment center.

Evaluation Study of Mehalev – the Israeli Experimental Version of the From Welfare to Work Program: Summary Report
Findings from a Study Monitoring the Impact of the Program on Persons Eligible for Income Support at the Start of the Program (the Stock) after Fifteen Months of Implementation and on New Applicants (the Flow) Six Months After Applying for Income Support (Report no. 6)


Learning from Success: Its Implications for the "Lights to Employment" Program of Amin, Documented Success as a Source of Principles of Action that Promote Employment 2006-2008
This report summarizes the first stage of the partnership begun in 2006 between the Unit of Learning from Success and Ongoing Learning in Human Service Systems, on the one hand, and Amin, which is implementing the "Lights to Employment" program in Jerusalem.


  Summary of International Literature on the Effects of Welfare to Work Programs (English)
  Report No. 1: Work Patterns of the Employment-Objective Planners (Hebrew)
  Report No. 2: Participants Referred to the Program (Hebrew)
  Report No. 3: Patterns of Entry into and Exit from the Income-Support System (Hebrew)
  Report No. 4: Impact of the From Welfare to Work on Participants (Hebrew)
  Report No. 5: Partnership between the Center and the Employers (Hebrew)
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