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MJB Hosts International Expert Meeting on Child Welfare

from "Research in Action", Summer/Fall 2013
MJB Hosts International Expert Meeting on Child Welfare


In June, MJB hosted a seminar with the International Association of Outcome-Based Evaluation Research on Family and Children’s Services, which held its annual meetings in Israel.

About 50 leading researchers from the United States, Europe, and Israel came together to explore international research and policy developments in child welfare.

The seminar provided an opportunity for MJB to present the Israeli experience in developing and implementing national reforms in child welfare, including the National Program for Children and Youth at Risk, which revolutionized thinking and strategies to address the needs of children at risk in Israel.

Miriam Cohen-Navot, Director of MJB’s Engelberg Center for Research on Children and Youth, together with Senior Researcher Dahlia Ben-Rabi, spoke about the development of these reforms and the role played by MJB.

The participants’ responses confirmed Israel’s leading role in creating integrated community-based solutions suited to the needs of children and youth at risk.

The discussion also focused on MJB’s role as a research center that works closely with the government and organizations like JDC-Israel to develop and implement innovative programs and reforms, and provides independent evaluation when necessary.

A series of working groups delved deeper into particular subjects, including concurrent adoption planning, outcome measurement, and comprehensive community initiatives.

The professional exchange succeeded in bringing state-of-the-art international knowledge to Israel, while sharing Israel’s innovations with our global partners.It also helped to reinforce MJB’s unique position as an Institute that actively links research, policy, and practice to bring about positive social change.

The Expert Meeting on Child Welfare was supported in part by MJB’s Marshall Weinberg Fund for Professional Collaboration and Development.

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