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Child Maltreatment in Context: An International Conference


On October 14 and 15, the Haruv Institute, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute (MJB) held an international conference on child maltreatment. This conference was the first of its kind in Israel, providing a unique opportunity to examine the context in which child maltreatment occurs, its implications, and ways to prevent and better treat its victims. 

Prof. Asher Ben-Arieh, Director of Haruv, Prof. Jona Rosenfeld, Senior Researcher at MJB, and Prof. Mimi Ajzenstadt, Dean of the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare at the Hebrew University, greeted the participants. They emphasized that the conference represented an important opportunity for researchers to learn about the experiences of child maltreatment in other countries.

Over 100 professionals from a variety of disciplines--social sciences, humanities, medicine, nursing and public health, social work, and law and criminology--attended lectures, symposia, and parallel sessions. World known keynote speakers included Professor Jill Korbin from Case Western Reserve University, Professor Sabine Andresen from Frankfurt University and Professor Ilan Katz from the University of New South Wales, who each shared their expertise on child maltreatment. Participants learned about child protection systems, child maltreatment and the media, the criminal justice system, sexual abuse, children’s rights and mandatory reporting, the balance between multiculturalism and protecting children, intervention programs, and more.

MJB researchers made a number of key presentations: Avital Manor on the Institute’s mapping of needs among children at risk in Israel; Yoa Sorek on the findings from a national study on foster care services in Israel; and Meital Weissman on “An innovative taxonomy of the needs of children and family.”

MJB’s Marshall Weinberg Fund for Professional Development and Collaboration supported this important international professional conference.

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