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Avenues of Impact

The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute seeks to leverage its research by promoting action through many channels and by partnering with all key players and sectors:

  • Ongoing relationships with government ministries
  • Continual work with the committees of the Knesset and the Knesset Research and Information Center
  • Participation in ongoing national forums
  • Partnerships with municipalities around specific agendas
  • Work with voluntary organizations in Israel and the Diaspora that advocate, develop and deliver services including the JDC and JAFI
  • Collaboration with Jewish and Non-Sectarian Philanthropy
  • Collaboration with universities and other research institutes

Beyond the Institute’s ongoing work with all of the major organizations, it plays an important role in national ad-hoc commissions. Recently, it served as the professional coordinator of five national commissions on:

  • Rights of the disabled
  • Retirement age
  • Reform of the employment system/welfare-to-work
  • Drop-outs and hidden drop-outs in the education system (a Knesset commission)
  • Disadvantaged children and youth (a commission of the Prime Minister)


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