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How We Have Contributed

The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute is an internationally recognized model of the effective linking of research practice and policy. It promotes rational planning processes, new and better policies, and improved provision of services and dissemination of innovative models and best practices. The following are some examples of how the Institute has applied its research:

  1. Revealed the dramatic increase in the number of disabled elderly and contributed to the development of strategies to significantly expand community services to meet their needs (including the Community Long-term Care Insurance Law, 1987).
  2. Exposed serious deficiencies in residential care and helped establish effective systems to prevent abuse and promote quality in residential care for the elderly, disabled, and children and youth at risk.
  3. Helped to expand and improve national education policy for Ethiopian children in the 1990s with significant improvement in high school achievements and participation in higher education.
  4. Assisted in the development of national policies for immigrant physicians that led to the integration of a significant percentage in the medical field.
  5. Facilitated the recognition of immigrants from the Caucasus as a disadvantaged group in Israel and the establishment of national policies that significantly improved school achievements in the late1990s.
  6. Promoted understanding of the difficulties and potential of older immigrant workers in the early 1990s, and contributed to the establishment of a national employment program that led to significant increases in employment rates.
  7. Facilitated the implementation of Israel's Special Education Law, which markedly expanded services for disabled children in the 1990s.
  8. Helped to introduce and effectively implement the National Health Insurance Law (1995), which provides universal and more equitable coverage to all of Israel's citizens.
  9. Assisted in bringing about significant changes and improvements in the care of abused and neglected children at the national and local levels.
  10. Introduced effective models for planning social services in Arab communities and developed more effective partnerships with the Government.
  11. Provides ongoing strategic support for most major JDC programs in Israel.


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