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Literature review: Measurement and Evaluation in Processes Aimed at Improving Government-Civil Society Relations in England and Canada

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The Government-Civil Society Initiative is a joint venture of seven ministries, representatives of the Diaspora and the JDC Israel Institute of Leadership and Governance. The Initiative is aimed at strengthening the interface between the civil society and the government in order to strengthen social resilience in Israel.


The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute was asked to evaluate the initiative and its outcomes.

The literature review is intended to integrate the knowledge accumulated in various countries on the measurement and evaluation of broad processes aimed at improving government-civil society relations, in order to serve as the conceptual and practical foundation for the evaluation of The Government-Civil Society Initiative in Israel.

The review focuses mainly on England and Canada which are considered to be the most prominent examples in relation to both the process itself and the measurement and evaluation efforts that have been carried-out.



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