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Publications and Special Reports

The following reports have been published by the Institute with the support of the Berman Fund.

Daycare Centers for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities: Survey of Parents
Y.Loeff (2016)

Inclusion of Children with Special Needs in Daycare Centers in Israel – Learning from Success in the From Risk to Opportunity Program
J. Rosenfeld, M. Gilat, O. Shemer (Editors) 2015

Young Adults Working in Israel with up to 12 Years of Schooling: Integration into Employment – Resources, Barriers and Needs
P. Kahan-Strawczynski, L. Vazan-Sikron, D. Naon, Y. Hadar, V. Konstantinov (2014)


Young Adults in Israel Who Are Neither Working Nor Studying: Integration into Employment – Resources, Barriers and Needs

D. Naon, P. Kahan-Strawczynski, L. Vazan-Sikron, Y.Hadar, V. Konstantinov (2014)



Young Adults with Disabilities in Israel: Integration into Employment – Resources, Barriers and Needs

D. Naon, Y. Hadar, P. Kahan-Strawczynski, L. Vazan-Sikron, V. Konstantinov (2014)



Integration of Young Adults into Employment: Resources, Barriers and Needs – Main Findings

D. Naon, P. Kahan-Strawczynski, L. Vazan-Sikron, Y. Hadar, V. Konstantinov (2013)



Preschool Children with Special Needs in Immigrant Families: Barriers to Service Utilization and Proposed Solutions

Y. Loeff, D. Rivkin, E. Milshtein (2012)

Conducted due to concern that children with special needs whose parents immigrated to Israel were not getting the services they need to the same extent and with the same efficiency as similar children of non-immigrant Israelis, this study focuses on children with special needs, from birth to age 6 – a critical stage for identifying special needs and starting treatment.



Adults with Autism in Residential Settings: Differences among Districts and Projections for 2015

D. Naon, L. Cave (2012)

As part of a broader effort to plan social services, the Ministry of Social Affairs asked the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute to prepare a projection of needs for residential living of the autistic population in Israel in 2015.



Inclusion of Children with Special Needs in Elementary School

D. Naon, E. Milshtein, M. Marom (2011)

The goal of the study was to follow up on the implementation of the Inclusion Law and identify difficulties and successes.



Mapping of Support Centers for Families of Special Needs Children 

N. Sagiv, E. Milshtein and E. Benn (2011)

There is an interest in developing services that address a broad range of disabilities rather than separate, less efficient services for each type of disability.

The Idud Program - Nekuda Method: School-based Program for Treatment of Children with ADHD
S. Chesner, I. Kirschheimer (2008)
Idud is a program that aims to provide a holistic service for diagnosis and treatment of children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) within a school setting. 

Idud ("Encouragement") Program to Treat Children with ADHD at Four Jerusalem Schools: Executive Summary of an Evaluation Study
A.  Sharon, S. ChesnerA. Ornoy, N. Strosberg, D. Wilensky and D. Naon (2008)
The evaluation aimed to examine the program's effectiveness in identifying, diagnosing, and treating the behavioral symptoms and in furthering the children academically and socially.


Children with Special Needs: An Assessment of Needs and Coverage by Services

D. Naon, B. Morginstin, M. Schimmel, G. Rivlis (2000)

The National Insurance Institute and the JDC-Brookdale Institute conducted a national study – the first of its kind in Israel – to estimate the number of children and youth with special needs, to examine the extent and nature of their needs, and to determine the gaps between their needs and the services they actually receive.

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