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Mandell Berman Fund for Research on Children with Disabilities


In 1999, Mandell Berman , a long-time supporter of the Institute, established the Mandell Berman Fund  to support quality research on children with disabilities. In the years since, the Berman Fund has enabled MJB to have a positive impact on opportunities for Israeli children with disabilities and their families.

These studies have helped to raise awareness of the needs of children with disabilities, resulting in this issue having a higher priority for government and civil society.  They have brought new attention to underserved population groups, such as Arab-Israelis and immigrants.  Moreover, they have increased attention to disabilities that have been particularly neglected or inadequately addressed, such as ADHD.

The Fund has contributed significantly to promoting the development and implementation of legislation and services that help children with disabilities. These include the Special Education Inclusion Law, the development of a national network of preschools, and new models for addressing the transition to adulthood. 
It has also sponsored landmark needs assessments and national surveys of children with disabilities in general, and high-risk populations such as Bedouin children with disabilities and young adults with disabilities.


For more information on the Berman Fund, visit this link .  





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