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World Teachers' Day- 5th October


The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute plays a key role in examining the role and quality of education, and its impact on the nurture and advancement of children and youth. From early childhood to higher education, MJB research informs the development of quality education and the expansion of educational opportunities for disadvantaged populations.

To mark World Teachers' Day, we are excited to share some of MJB's recent research on education.

1. The "School with a Heart" pilot program aims to improve how elementary and junior high schools work with students with difficulties. MJB's evaluation of this program will be completed by the end of 2017.

2. The Ministry of Education is restructuring the role of truancy officers in the education system.  MJB researcher, Ruth Baruj-Kovarsky, presented findings from the evaluation of this project at an international conference in Denmark in August. Additionally, the Institute will conduct a national survey of truancy officers in 2018. 

3. Training Educators Working with Ultra-Orthodox Schoolgirls at Risk – MJB's evaluation of this JDC-Ashalim pilot project is now available.

4. Promoting Access to Higher Education for Israeli Arabs.  MJB researchers Paula Kahan and Dganit Levi are leading two studies of this national initiative. Researcher, Dalia Ben-Rabi, who led the initial stages of the research, presented findings at an international conference in Belgium in July.

5. The Ministry of Education's Menta program promotes technological education for youth at risk. MJB's evaluation of this program is continuing through 2018.

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