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MJB Forum Highlights 40 Years of Impact

AJJDC President Penny Blumenstein

New York, September 2014


At the JDC Board meeting, a special forum celebrated MJB’s impact over the past four decades.

JDC President Penny Blumenstein opened the Forum with tributes to the government partners and MJB’s philanthropic supporters.

MJB Chair Martin Paisner moderated the Forum, which included presentations from JDC CEO Alan Gill, MJB Director Prof. Jack Habib, MJB’s Smokler Center for Health Policy Research Director Dr. Bruce Rosen, and Moshe Bar Siman Tov, Israel’s Economic Attaché in Washington and former MJB Board member. 



The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute is utterly indispensable not only for the work that JDC does but for our government partners and for the rest of society that wants the most resilient, strongest, and just Israeli society.

Alan Gill, CEO, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee



The most important foundation of the government’s partnership with MJB is the Institute’s excellence and professionalism. It has an ability to integrate economic and social considerations, and combines academic theories with best practices around the world.

Moshe Bar Siman Tov, Israel’s Economic Attaché in Washington and former MJB Board member




The Forum was highlighted by a special panel on MJB’s role and impact, featuring partners from government, JDC, philanthropy, and the international research community.


MJB's applied researchers are spending half their time in the field, meaning that their research is based not only on theoretical models but also on the reality in the field. In that sense, MJB's evaluations are formative evaluations and not just summative evaluations, and have a direct impact on the project and its dissemination.

Prof. Yossi Tamir, Director General, JDC-Israel


When I go to the Knesset with a project and they tell me that I have to evaluate it, the minute I say, “Brookdale,” it’s accepted, because the Institute has a reputation for objectivity and the highest professionalism.

Prof. Shlomo Mor Yosef, Director General, Israel's Social Security Administration and MJB Board member



Brookdale can do what it does because of its unique connection to the Israeli government. Researchers across the world would give anything to have this kind of relationship—working with Director Generals to define research priorities and knowing that the research will make a difference in how policies are formulated.

Prof. Gary Freed, University of Michigan School of Medicine and School of Public Health, and Chair of MJB Smokler Center’s Health Advisory Committee



I have been on the executive committee of the JDC for 44 years. During that time, one of our most important acts was the creation of the Brookdale Institute. I am proud that I was one of the people sitting there who voted for it. Government representatives have taught us that no research center in the State of Israel has had more influence on the policies for disadvantaged people. I can still remember what Ralph Goldman said to me years ago at a breakfast meeting: “No organization is more important to the future of Israel than Brookdale.” Over the years, I have come to realize that Ralph Goldman was right. And that’s why I am so proud to be on this podium.

Marshall Weinberg, long-time JDC Board member, founding contributor of the Institute, and founder of MJB’s Marshall Weinberg Fund for Professional Collaboration and Development

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