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New Handbook on Shared Measurement

New Handbook on Shared Measurement

Building on our research on outcomes measurement (see the Summer/Fall 2013 Newsletter), MJB is releasing a handbook on implementing shared measurements, breaking ground on an issue increasingly on the agenda of social organizations and foundations globally.

The handbook provides a step-by-step guide for practitioners and foundations to engage in shared measurement, with chapters devoted to the development and implementation stages, major dilemmas and considerations, and lessons learned in the field. 

It also helps readers understand how shared measurement can increase the effectiveness of organizations that are working to achieve common goals.

Through this cooperation, each organization can deepen its understanding of the effectiveness of its own efforts, and at the same time, contribute to the larger picture.  

The handbook, published in Hebrew, is targeted to the growing community of organizations in Israel interested in outcome measurement and in developing cooperation with other government, social service, and philanthropic organizations. 

In October, Yehonatan Almog, Director of MJB’s Unit for Outcomes Oriented-Planning and Shared Measurement, participated in a panel discussion on shared measurement from an Israeli perspective in the Collective Impact Summit held in Toronto.  

“We get many requests from organizations who want to learn more about shared impact,” Almog explained. “This handbook is intended to help fill the void.”

To promote the handbook and to expose Israel’s government, non-profit, and philanthropic organizations to shared measurement practices, MJB will hold a joint conference with the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation in January 2015.

MJB’s Handbook on Shared Outcomes Measurement is supported in part by the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation.

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