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MJB Institute receives $75,000 grant to develop a national dementia strategy for Israel

MJB Institute receives $75,000 grant to develop a national dementia strategy for Israel


The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute has received a $75,000 grant from the Helen Bader Foundation of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to initiate and lead a national process for developing a strategy document that addresses the challenges posed by the growing numbers of people struggling with dementia in Israel.

The Institute has long-standing experience on this subject, having conducted the major national study that has assessed the prevalence of dementia in Israel and has demonstrated the high level of unmet needs among dementia sufferers and their families.

In developing the strategy, the Institute will engage key organizations, and Israel’s leading experts, policy makers, and practitioners.  The document will address several themes related to dementia, including diagnosis and prevention, community-based health and supportive services, family caregiver supports, residential services, professional training, and research needs.

The national strategy document will provide the basis for priority-setting discussions with government partners, JDC-Eshel, and other health and social service organizations.

“There is a large gap between the needs and services available for Israeli patients suffering from Alzheimer and related dementias, and the population of dementia sufferers is expected to increase by 80 percent in the next 20 years,” said Jenny Brodsky, Director of the Institute’s Center for Research on Aging.  “This grant will allow us to extend our research on such a significant issue that has implications for the elderly, their families, and society.”

National Alzheimer’s and dementia programs have been, or are in the process of being created in many developed countries throughout the world including England, France, Scotland, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Canada and the United States.

The development of an Israeli national strategy will enable Israeli society to better meet the needs of those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other related dementias, and to cope with the tremendous human challenge and financial burden to our society due to the anticipated major growth of this population.

The funding comes from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Helen Bader Foundation, Inc., which makes grants, convenes partners, and shares knowledge to affect emerging issues in key areas.  Since its establishment in 1991, the Foundation has awarded more than $200 million in grants and $9 million in Program Related Investments.

Click here to learn more about the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute’s Center for Research on Aging.

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