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Quality Research through Qualitative Research


High-quality research is central to MJB’s ability to provide accurate and reliable information that guides Israel's efforts to address its social challenges.

Since 1974, the Institute’s research staff has accumulated a wide body of knowledge, experience, and tools to ensure the quality of our work. 


In 2007, MJB embarked on an Institute-wide process of shared reflection and documentation of this experience to take our collective tacit knowledge of all phases of the research process and make it explicit.

The outcome of this process was the 2010 publication of the Quality Time handbook for MJB staff, designed to assist in ensuring that the Institute’s research stays cutting edge and at the highest level of quality.

From the beginning, the concept was that the handbook would be an evolving document that would grow over time, with new chapters being added on different aspects of our research.

This past February, MJB released the newest chapter in the handbook, which focuses on qualitative research.  Qualitative research makes it possible to delve more deeply into an issue and understand the perspective of the research subjects.  It uses a range of methods such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, and observations to elicit types of information that cannot be obtained through more structured quantitative methods alone.

As with all of the chapters of the handbook, the new chapter combines the experience at the Institute with new developments in the international literature.

Along with the handbook, MJB created an on-line portal dedicated to qualitative research.  This electronic resource for MJB researchers includes relevant Institute case studies, key methodological sources from the international literature, and a web-based forum where our staff can continue to raise questions and share best practices.

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