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Israel and the OECD: An Update


Israel's acceptance into the OECD (the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), the world’s largest international organization for developed countries, has created new opportunities to advance Israel's economic and social development and to contribute to the dialogue between Israel and the international community. 

MJB has made important contributions to the development of Israel’s engagement with the OECD. 

In 2009, as part of the OECD's admission process, MJB was commissioned by the government to prepare Israel's national report on its social challenges, progress, and efforts made to create greater opportunities in the education system and the labor market for Israel's disadvantaged populations.

The Institute was asked to prepare the report because of our unique, broad, and in-depth knowledge of these issues and our ability to collaborate and coordinate with some 17 different government agencies whose work was relevant to the report. This report played a key role in the review of Israel's application to join the OECD and served as the basis for its acceptance.

Following Israel's acceptance in 2010, the OECD issued a review of the country’s labor market and social policies with major policy recommendations for improvements in a range of social and economic areas.

In 2012, the government turned to MJB to prepare the
two-year follow-up report, focusing on the progress Israel made in addressing these recommendations.  The report was published in Hebrew, English, and French.

The Institute is now preparing the next two-year update on behalf of the government. This report will complete the process of entry into the OECD. 

Beyond their relevance to the OECD, the reports serve as a major resource within and outside of Israel for all those engaged in and concerned with Israel's social challenges.

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