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International Study Tour on Government – Civil Society Relations


In February 2015, Yehonatan Almog travelled in an Israeli delegation to London, together with JDC-Elka’s Institute for Leadership and Governance, for a study tour of five days. The delegation included six senior staff from government ministries and local government. The goals of the tour were:

1. Learning, mapping and deepening understanding of different models of inter-sectorial interface
2. Getting to know different world views as a basis for inter-sectorial dialogue, while in England
3. Learning about successes and failures
4. Learning about implementation tools and concrete implementation issues
5. Understanding ourselves from afar. Since in England there is a wealth of experience in improving the interface between government and civil society, the tour provided an excellent opportunity to analyze the Israeli situation.

The study tour also prompted further discussion about further developments in this field in Israel, including on:

1. The special value of government and civil society
2. The role of government in strengthening civil society
3. Systems for creating inter-sectorial partnerships and dialogue
4. Ways for civil society organizations providing professional services to the government to preserve their moral and voluntary ethos.


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