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National Study Day on Children at Risk in Israel Ages 6-11


The ages 6 to 11 are sometimes an overlooked period in a child's life.  No longer a preschooler but not yet a teenager, this is a period that might seem to present fewer challenges for families.  The reality is different, judging by the discussions at a study day held at MJB on 27th December to explore the needs of children at risk ages 6-11. 


Co-sponsored by JDC-Ashalim and 360° The National Program for Children and Youth at Risk, the study day attracted representatives from the government, local authorities and NGOs dedicated to children at risk. The study day focused on a recent MJB report, Needs of Children in Israel Aged 6-11: Data from Surveys from the Past Decade, presented by MJB Senior Researcher Paula Kahan-Strawczynski.


Over the course of the day, the presentations combined a look at the data on children and the service system with deeper discussions on policy and program initiatives to help children at risk in this age group.

Mimi Ackerman from the National Program described the process of collecting data on children at risk to map their needs and provide appropriate interventions. Participants also heard from Iris Florentin from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and MJB Senior Researcher Dalia Ben-Rabi, who discussed the national recommendations for creating an action plan for protecting children from risk and developing their potential.


Breakout discussions allowed participants to have deeper conversations on ways to apply the findings to develop additional strategies and programs for children at risk.

In the final lecture, Dr. Anat Shoshani, academic director of MAYTIV Center for Research and Practice in Positive Psychology at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, spoke about how children at risk—and the 6-11 age group in particular—have a strong ability to develop positively despite the challenges they face.


In sum, the study day enabled MJB and its partners to share their expertise and ideas for advancing efforts to meet the needs of children at risk in Israel. 



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