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Professor Michael Hartal Named as Incoming Director

Prof. Michael Hartal has been announced as the new director of MJB, to replace Director Prof. Jack Habib who is retiring after four decades of distinguished service at the Institute. 


Prof. Hartal was chosen after an intensive search process, personally led by JDC's CEO David Schizer, with the involvement of the senior lay leadership of the Institute.

"I am very excited about joining MJB and the global JDC family," he commented. "The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute is the leading organization of its kind, and it is an honor for me to be able to join such a prestigious group.”

The new director comes to MJB with significant managerial and leadership experience in the two worlds in which the Institute operates – the world of applied research and the world of public policy and management -- and the collaboration between the two.

Prof. Hartal received his MD degree from Ben-Gurion University Medical School in 1995 and a Masters of Public Health from the Hebrew University Braun School of Public Health in 2002.

Prof. Hartal has served as a medical officer in the IDF for over 20 years.  In 2010, after graduating from the IDF Command and Staff College, Prof. Hartal was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and assumed command of the IDF's public health division.

Two years later, he assumed command of the IDF’s Academy and Research Branch, where he oversaw 13 research programs carried out at the IDF’s four medical research institutes.  In this role, he was responsible for directing and overseeing the IDF's research in military medicine. He served as commander of the IDF’s Medical Cadet Program at the Hebrew University Medical School, and was responsible for the academic development of all active duty medical personnel.  He also developed and supported numerous international collaborations in medical research and education.

Throughout his career, Prof. Hartal has spent a significant amount of time working within Israel’s Ministry of Health, both at the office of the Director General and at the Division of Public Health, where he was active in developing components of Israel’s national public health policy.

The new director is an Associate Professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he teaches public health, research methods and leadership skills.  He has authored over 90 peer-reviewed research papers.

Prof. Hartal lives in Jerusalem with Dafna, his wife of 20 years, and their five children, Shaked, Tomer, Ziv, Segev and Dvir.

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