When the Home Becomes a Battleground

A study day titled “When Home Becomes a Battleground: Children in High-Conflict Divorce Families” held on November 29 raised the matter of children caught up in family conflict situations on the public agenda, placing children at the heart of the discussion. This, with the goal of continuing to develop public services for children in such situations.

At the study day, Yoa Sorek, Shelly Bloch and Dr. Tali Bayer-Topilsky presented important findings from studies conducted in Israel about children and families in family conflict situations. Their lecture reviewed evaluation studies conducted by MJB over the years, in partnership with the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services, focusing on the Ministry’s services in this area.

MJB researcher Yoa Sorek presented her doctoral dissertation, which examines the way in which children caught in the middle of the battle between the parents perceive their quality of life.

This was followed by a fascinating and instructive lecture by guest speaker Bill Eddy, the Founder and President of the High Conflict Institute in San Diego.

The study day concluded with a multidisciplinary panel discussing the question “What can be done to help children in conflict situations?” moderated by journalist Tali Lipkin-Shahak. The session opened with a reading by Yael Chetz, a writer and poetry-slam presenter, of a poem presenting the viewpoint of children in such situations.

This was followed by a productive and enriching discussion with the participation of various professionals involved in this area: Prof. Nehami Baum, Prof. Daphna Hacker, Adv. Nehama Mordechai, Judge Nitzan Silman, national legislation social worker Rakefet Atzmon and Dr. Mordechai Sheri.