Arab Population

The Government of Israel is implementing long-term programs with a range of objectives and methods, to provide a response to social issues, including the need to develop the Arab population.

MJB’s Research Team on the Arab Population is developing its ability to evaluate complex intervention programs of this kind. The team emphasizes the consolidation of our knowledge and understanding of the unique characteristics of Israel’s Arab population in all its diversity.

The complexity of the programs, and the fact that they are planned and executed in the long term, highlight MJB’s longstanding contribution to policymaking and emphasize its diverse research abilities and ability to work over long periods to develop and preserve knowledge for the public good.

2019 Research Focus

Government 5-year plan for the social and economic development of the Bedouin population in the south of Israel

  • Study of the program outcomes
  • Follow-up of program implementation

Integrating into higher education

  • Integration and support for Arab students in higher education institutions
  • Examination of integration into higher education of specific populations, such as the Bedouins in the south of Israel and the Arabs of East Jerusalem
  • Integrating Arab staff members into academic institutions