Health Care

Israel’s health care system is a world leader in delivering quality health care.  Yet ongoing concerns about workforce shortages, the growth of private medicine, and persistent health inequalities are driving national initiatives to ensure equitable access to quality care for the entire population.

MJB’s Smokler Center for Health Policy Research provides independent and objective research to inform policymaking on these crucial national issues.

2019 Research Focus

Processes of reform and efficiency in the health care system

  • Private-public mix in health care funding
  • The mental health reform
  • Improving methods of pricing medical procedures in hospitals
  • Israel’s hospital infrastructure: analysis of the current situation and projected future needs

Advancement of disadvantaged populations

  • Integrating health care services and social services for children living in poverty and people with disabilities
  • Reducing gaps (including gaps between Jews and Arabs)

Preparing the health care system for the rapid aging of the population with regard to budget and services

  • Dental treatment for the elderly

The consumer’s voice in the health care system and patient-centered treatment

Workforce planning

Implementing big-data methods in research on health care policy and services