Facts and Figures

A collection of fact sheets, infographics, and data snapshots on Israel’s disadvantaged populations.

Man in wheel chair high-fiving his friendPeople with Disabilities in Israel –  2018

Young Ethiopian boy smiling The Ethiopian-Israeli Population (2018)

Elderly woman sitting on the street begging Poverty in Israel (2018)

Five Arab women college students walking across campus The Arab Population in Israel (2018)

Three seniors looking at a computer screen The 65+ Population in Israel (2018)

 People with Disabilities in Israel (2017)

Two women college students looking bored in class Infographic: Young Adults in Israel (2017)

A Bedouin mother and child tending their flock of sheep. The Bedouin in Israel (2017)

A young girl sitting in a doorstep with her hands on her face Children and Youth at Risk in Israel (2017)

Young man with disabilities being hugged by his friend.People with Disabilities in Israel –  2014