Pathfinder is MJB’s new Research Development Team, designed to proactively ascertain and rapidly respond to challenges and spark solutions; to develop the Institute’s dynamic capacity to explore new issues; and to serve as a platform for MJB staff apprenticeship and career development.

Pathfinder is led by Dr. Shuli Brammli-Greenberg, Senior Researcher in the Smokler Center for Health Policy Research.

Three Pathfinder projects have been selected for 2018:

How Does Poverty Affect Society?  

Irit Aizik

This study will examine the direct economic costs of dealing with poverty; the indirect consequences and costs of living in poverty (such as health and crime); the impact of poverty on the society in Israel from a sociological point of view; and the nonprofit sector that has developed to try to deal with poverty.

Poverty in Israel: Facts and Figures


Cyberbullying of Social Workers    

Dr. Ravit Alfandari

This study is intended to unpack the phenomena of cyberbullying of social workers in Israel. It will explore the extent, nature and impact of the problem, so that effective solutions can be formulated.


Affordable Housing     

Dr. Michal Laron and Ori Figura Rosenzweig

Israel has been dealing over the past decade with a growing housing crisis, including a rise of 88% in housing prices from 2007 to 2017. “Affordable Housing” is the leading national initiative, aimed at making housing more affordable. The main goal of our research is to examine the impact of this initiative on Israel’s housing market, using qualitative and quantitative methods, to increase knowledge on affordable housing policies and help the government make informed policy decisions.