Voices of Social Service Professionals in Israel Following the October 7th Hamas Terror Attack

In October-November, a video was produced by MJB presenting to the international audience the unique challenges that Israel faced following the terrorist attack on October 7, from the perspective of welfare professionals. The video was produced by Vered Porziki, Hila Dolav, Tal Lento, and Talia Hasin from the Quality Assurance Services team, along with Ori Cohen, Director of External Relations, in collaboration with the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security and the municipalities of Jerusalem and Netanya. The professionals participating in the video describe the challenges faced, the actions taken, and the expected challenges for Israeli society and for them as care professionals in the future. The video was sent to the European Social Services Network (ESN), and they distributed it to all network members in mid-December. We hope that the video will reach a wide audience and that, as a result, consultation meetings and knowledge sharing will take place among professionals from different countries.