Health Care

Israel’s health care system is a world leader in delivering quality health care.  Yet ongoing concerns about workforce shortages, the growth of private medicine, and persistent health inequalities are driving national initiatives to ensure equitable access to quality care for the entire population.  MJB’s Smokler Center for Health Policy Research provides independent and objective research to inform policymaking on these crucial national issues.

2018 Research Focus

National reforms and efficiency measures in the health system

  • National mental health care reform
  • Financing nursing home care

The public-private mix in the health care system

  • Trends in the development of private medicine (insurance, services, expenses)
  • Maintaining an appropriate balance between the public and private health systems

The consumer’s perspective on service quality and performance of the health care system

  • Patient-centered care
  • Disparities among regions and populations

Workforce and organizational developments

  • The full-timer program
  • The physician assistant initiative
  • Attracting physicians to peripheral regions
  • Changing roles of primary care physicians
  • How primary care physicians are experiencing the national quality monitoring system
  • Advancement of women in senior health care management roles

Contracting and remuneration methods

  • Capitation formula for allocating resources in national health insurance
  • Hospital budgeting and reimbursement
  • Contracting methods for nursing home services