MJB Committee

The MJB Committee includes senior representatives from the Government of Israel, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the David and Inez Myers Foundation, and global Jewish lay leaders.

The current representatives from the Government of Israel are:

Ministry of Health
Moshe Bar Siman Tov | Director General

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Social Services
Avigdor Kaplan | Director General

Ministry of Education
Shmuel Abuav | Director General

Social Security Administration
Meir Spigler | Director General

Ministry of Finance
Alon Messer | Deputy Director, Budget Division

MJB consults with lay leadership and expert advisors, who provide input into the research program, share knowledge and experience, and promote collaboration with other professional and Jewish organizations.

Lay members of the MJB Committee:

Chairperson: Irving Smokler, Boca Raton, FL

Nora Barron, Bloomfield Hills, MI (co-chair, MJB Subcommittee on Adulthood)
Susan Becker, Chevy Chase, MD
Ellen Block, Chicago, IL
Geoffrey Colvin, NY
Leslie Dunn, OH
Daniel Dover, London, England (co-chair, MJB Subcommittee on Adulthood)
Andrea Dubroff, Edgartown, MA
Alfred Engelberg, New York, NY
David Fleshler, Cleveland, OH
Gary Freed, Ann Arbor, MI
Karen Gantz Zahler, New York, NY
Rae Ginsburg, Jupiter, FL
Yoine Goldstein, Town of Mount Royal, QC
Larry Goodman, Chicago, IL
Nancy Hackerman, Baltimore, MD
Stephen Hoffman, Cleveland, OH
Carol Kaplan, Highland Park, IL
Tricia Kallett, New York, NY (co-chair, MJB Subcommittee on Children)
Lisa Kohn, CA
Bruce Kohrman, FL
Lee Kohrman, Cleveland, OH
Stuart Kurlander, Washington, DC
Murray Laulicht, West Orange, NJ
Stephen Lieberman, Edina, MN
Karen Lombart, Virginia Beach, VA
Jack Meyers, Pittsburgh, PA
Simon Morris, London, England
Martin Paisner, London, England
Penny Pincus NJ
Tina Price, Scarsdale, NY
Robert Rothberg, Summit, NJ
Annie Sandler, Virginia Beach, VA (co-chair, MJB Subcommittee on Children)
Richard G. Spiegel, Excelsior, MN
Marshall M. Weinberg, New York, NY
Penni Weinberg, Palm Beach Gardens, FL