Expanding opportunities for employment, vocational training, and career advancement are critical to addressing the challenges of poverty and social inequality. Today, new national policies and services are making a difference for Israel’s disadvantaged populations. MJBs Research Team on Employment is integral to these national efforts.

2019 Research Focus

Reduction of gaps and integration of special populations into employment

  • Integrative employment centers for Arabs, Ethiopian-Israelis, people with disabilities, and social service clients
  • Integrating women into the hi-tech sector

Vocational training

  • New models of vocational training for adults
  • Return-on-investment of vocational training

Advancement in employment

  • Advancement of low-paid workers and quality of employment

Cross-cutting Topics

  • The job retention and the wages of the workers in Israel, from their entry into the labor market to their retirement.
  • Behavioral interventions to enhance employment programs

Development of methodology

  • Developing shared measures to compare effectiveness across multiple employment programs