Expanding opportunities for employment, vocational training, and career advancement are critical to addressing the challenges of poverty and social inequality. Today, new national policies and services are making a difference for Israel’s disadvantaged populations. The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute’s Division for Research on Employment of Disadvantaged Populations is integral to these national efforts.

2018 Research Focus

Integration of disadvantaged populations into the labor force

  • Arab-Israelis
  • Ethiopian-Israelis
  • People with disabilities
  • Ultra-Orthodox
  • Young adults without vocational training
  • Clients of social services

Promoting job quality

  • Developing new approaches to vocational training, including mentoring for young adults
  • Encouraging job retention and career advancement
  • Developing standards for vocational training and career advancement, based on international experience

Methods for cost-benefit analysis

  • Applying the cost-benefit approach to employment programs
  • Applying the cost-benefit approach to social services for a variety of populations at risk