By 2035, Israel’s elderly population is projected to increase by almost 80%, a growth that will challenge Israeli society to make appropriate adjustments to its social policies and services to meet the health care, social, and economic needs of this population and their families.  MJB’s Division for Research on Aging contributes significantly to national efforts to develop effective policies and services to address these challenges.

2018 Research Focus

Integrating health care and social services for the elderly

  • Implementing the National Strategic Plan for the Elderly with Dementia
  • Reforming the Long-term Care Insurance Law to improve and expand home care services of the health plans
  • Preventing loneliness
  • Promoting continued labor force participation of older workers
  • Expanding end-of-life care for the elderly

Supporting family caregivers

  • Developing new models for addressing the needs of family caregivers

Developing technologies for the elderly

  • Sensor technologies in the home
  • Health care technologies for an aging population

Data infrastructures

  • National database on the needs of the elderly and the development of services
  • Annual Statistical Abstract on the Elderly

The 65+ Population in Israel 2018