By 2035, Israel’s elderly population is projected to increase by almost 80%, a growth that will challenge Israeli society to make appropriate adjustments to its social policies and services to meet the health care, social, and economic needs of this population and their families.

MJB’s Research Team on Aging contributes significantly to national efforts to develop effective policies and services to address these challenges.

2019 Research Focus

Reforming the Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) Law

  • Introducing a care manager into the LTCI law
  • Initiative to add Supportive Communities to the basic service package

Quality of services provided through the LTCI Law

  • Perspectives on home care provided through the LTCI Law and the health care system

Individuals who do not receive services through the LTCI Law due to their income levels

  • Understanding the unique needs of this population and the alternatives available for them

Developing services for people with dementia

  • Developing a hotline for people with dementia and their families
  • Operating a second shift at day care centers

Integrative services for elderly people with disabilities

  • National pilot

Support and services for the elderly

  • Developing models to support the needs of family caregivers
  • Implementing upgraded models of supportive communities: community connectedness, service package flexibility, and integration with the LTCI Law
  • Needs and services for aging individuals with severe mental illness

The 65+ Population in Israel 2018