Children and Youth

Over the past two decades, Israel has made a dramatic effort to transform the service system for children and youth at risk, with emphases on community-based services, systematic data-based planning, and inter-ministerial and inter-agency collaboration. Throughout this period, MJB’s Engelberg Center for Children and Youth has influenced the national agenda through studies of the needs of children and youth at risk, and the service system designed to address them.

2018 Research Focus

Improving policy and services within the child protection system

  • National index of child maltreatment
  • Strengthening parental functioning
  • Improving the transition from out-of-home care to community-based care
  • Strengthening residential care and treatment
  • Supporting families in crisis

Integrative approaches to assisting children, youth, and young adults at risk

  • Strengthening services for infants and toddlers at risk
  • Ongoing development of 360 The National Program for Children and Youth at Risk
  • The National Initiative for Young Adults at Risk

Expanding opportunities for disadvantaged populations and reducing gaps in the education system

  • Efforts to help students with difficulties and reduce rates of overt and hidden dropout
  • Career and technological education and the transition to the labor force for high-risk youth
  • Strengthening the education system for minority populations
  • Strengthening the early education system

Children and Youth in Israel