Children and Youth

Over the past two decades, Israel has made a dramatic effort to transform the service system for children and youth at risk, with emphases on community-based services, systematic data-based planning, and inter-ministerial and inter-agency collaboration.

Throughout this period, MJB’s Engelberg Center for Children and Youth has influenced the national agenda through studies of the needs of children and youth at risk, and the service system designed to address them.

2019 Research Focus

Promoting Education and Reducing Gaps in Education

  • Strengthening early childhood education
  • Responding to students’ scholastic, emotional and social needs
  • Increasing learning opportunities for students at risk
  • Promoting technical-vocational education in the transition to adulthood
  • Reducing gaps and advancing education for special populations: Arabs, Druze, Circassians, ultra-Orthodox, and Ethiopian-Israelis

Improving Social Services for Children – Services in the Community, Out-of-Home Placement, and the Transition between Them

  • Rehabilitating families with children at high risk and decision-making regarding intervention programs for them
  • Out-of-home placements for children
  • Policies on the “fost-adopt” continuum

Developing Services for Young Adults at Risk

  • Status of NEET young adults (not in education, employment, or training)
  • Ethiopian-Israeli young adults

Support for Families in Crisis

  • Supervision at Visitation Centers for Parents and Children
  • Implementation of the Mahut (Knowledge, Familiarity, Coordination) Law and a parental coordination program to reduce the intensity of disputes during divorce proceedings
  • Work practices of the custody and visitation rights officers

Children and Youth in Israel