Policy Tools for Addressing Employment Instability

Israel has a high rate of participation in the workforce and a low rate of unemployment. Despite this fact, experts in the field of employment have noticed that some people who participate in the workforce have unstable work patterns. This group includes people who face complex barriers to employment and have difficulty retaining a job unless their complex needs and problems are addressed.

This document includes a short description of the phenomenon of employment instability, around the world and in Israel, as it is manifested in general and among specific populations.  In addition, it includes a review of policy tools for addressing this issue, classified into two groups: tools geared toward the individual employee and tools geared toward the employer.

Citing suggestion: Berlin, B., Tirosh, O., & Somekh, S. (2023). Policy Tools for Addressing Employment Instability. RR-973-23. Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute. (Hebrew)