Mothers of young children during the 2023 Israel-Hamas War: Experiences, needs, and responses

On October 7, approximately 300,000 reservists were called up by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). During the first week of war, schools and pre-schools all over the country were closed and even a month after the outbreak of the war schools in many parts of the country had not returned to their routines. All over the country, and especially in the south, air raid sirens were often sounded, calling on the population to move to protected areas.

Mothers of young children (up to age 12) whose spouses were called up for reserve duty are playing a key role in dealing with this complex and challenging situation. Approximately 100,000 such mothers are responding to the day-to-day needs of their children and homes, dealing with their children’s anxieties regarding the rocket attacks as well as their own, and all this alongside concerns for the safety of their spouses. Most of these mothers are also employed.

A new study by the Myers-JDC- Brookdale Institute examines the experiences and needs of these mothers (about 100,000 in number) as well as those of all Israeli mothers of young children (about 1,000,000 in number). Below are links to the research products so far:

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