The Israel-Hamas War – The Impact of Loss and Bereavement and Strategies for Coping with Disasters and Loss

The Hamas terror attack which occurred on October 7, 2023, left Israeli society traumatized due to the large number of murdered civilians and the death of many members of the Israeli security forces. This was compounded by the cruelty of the acts perpetrated on the victims, which included abuse and kidnapping of children, youth, women, and older adults.

Due to the attack, and the war that broke out in its wake, thousands of Israeli families were added to the community of the bereaved.  The loss was felt not only on the individual level but, rather, on the level of entire communities which were affected.  In addition, the continuing emergency has exacerbated the trauma, stress reactions and distress of the population.

These two documents were written to assist government bodies and professionals in implementing existing policy, in adapting policy to the current situation, and in developing strategies for interventions that will provide an optimal response to individuals, families and communities that are coping with trauma and with loss and bereavement in the middle and long term. The documents offer insights from the literature on the influence of mass casualty disasters and on the effects of bereavement and loss on families and communities, as well as on the needs of the bereaved and on strategies for coping with disasters, loss and bereavement.   



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