Collaboration on Health and Education with China

For a range of economic, political and strategic reasons, the Israeli government is eager to cultivate ties with China. Recently, MJB and Bar Ilan University signed a multi-year partnership with the national China Youth University in Beijing. This is the second phase in our ongoing cooperation on research to promote the wellbeing of children and youth.

In addition, several months ago, the Vice Premier of China visited Israel for meetings with the Israeli prime minister and signed agreements to foster cooperation in several sectors, including health and education. Digital health was one of the areas prioritized by the Israeli and Chinese Ministries of Health. Prior to this visit, Dr. Bruce Rosen, head of the MJB Health Policy Research Division, gave the opening plenary presentation on the Israeli Health System at a very successful Israel-China conference on digital health in Hangchou, China, (posted on YouTube in English & Mandarin). The Chinese are interested in learning from the Start-up Nation about how to foster innovation in health care and education.