Implementing Impact Measurement in an International Organization

On June 10, 2014, Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute (MJB) led a session on the use of impact measurement in the international development field, as part of a study day with JDC’s International Development Program (IDP).

Twenty students from the Hebrew University’s Masters’ Program in Glocal Community-Development Studies participated in the study day to learn about the practical aspects of JDC’s work with communities across the globe, via the prism of impact measurement.

The head of MJB’s Program for Outcomes-Oriented Planning and Shared Measurement, Yehonatan Almog presented on “Implementing Impact Measurement Policy in a Global Organization.”  His presentation provided an opportunity to share MJB’s significant expertise in using outcome measurement to plan and assess organizational impact.  For example, one important issue is the need to negotiate the tension between the desire for shared global standards and the need to adapt to local contexts.

Sam Amiel, IDP’s Senior Program Director for the Africa and Asia Region, explained that “impact measurement is helping us think differently about why and how we design our interventions and programming.”  Measuring the impact of a program is becoming “a standard part of the industry that funders expect us to have in place.  MJB has been a tremendous resource to our team as we incorporate monitoring and evaluation into our professional practices.”