Ethiopian Israelis

For the past three decades, the mass immigration from Ethiopia has posed complex challenges both for the immigrants’ own absorption and for Israel’s human and social service system.

Over the years, MJB has researched almost every aspect of the integration of immigrants, with our work significantly influencing national policy efforts.  Our research on Ethiopian-Israelis has not only raised national awareness of their needs, but has also helped Israel understand how those needs have shifted over time.

Below is a selection of the Institute’s resources and studies on the Ethiopian community in Israel.

Facts & Figures: Ethiopian-Israelis 


Selected Publications

Preparing Ethiopian-Israeli Youth for Military Service

The Integration of Ethiopian-Israeli Adolescent Boys

Improving the Absorption of Ethiopian Israelis – Five-Year Plan of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Services: Findings and Insights from the Follow-Up of Activities among Families and Young Adults

Evaluation of the PACT and PACT+ Projects to Promote Ethiopian-Israeli Children and their Parents: Summary Final Report

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