Innovation in Vocational Training

The Need

There is growing interest all over the world in the development in apprenticeship systems as a cornerstone of the vocational training system. Apprenticeship, which combines formal instruction with on-the-job experience guided by an assigned mentor, has long been popular in some European countries but historically has not taken hold in Israel.  Yet, it is increasingly seen as an important policy tool for expanding opportunities for career development and advancement.

The Intervention

JDC-TEVET, together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs have developed “Starter” to help unskilled workers as well as adults who are not working to successfully transition into professional employment through apprenticeship training.  Following a period of basic skills training, participants begin their apprenticeship and receive practical vocational training while working.  After completing training and passing certification exams, participants receive their formal credentials.

MJB’s Evaluation

MJB is conducting a 3-year evaluation of this important program.  The goal of the study is to help JDC-TEVET learn from the implementation, and ultimately, to inform the process of national expansion in the years ahead.


One year into the evaluation, MJB is already uncovering important findings about the Starter program, including a clear desire among employers to develop a new apprenticeship model that can attract and train quality employees.  The study is also identifying areas where the program can be made even more effective, such as in recruitment of participants and financial supports.