Changes in the Number of Health Plan Members, 1994-2019

The National Health Insurance Law was passed in the Knesset in 1994. It meant that for the first time, each Israeli resident became a member of one of the health plans. Over the 25 years since then, the total membership of all health plans increased by 72%, and in some health plans the increase was even greater.

In this presentation, presented in 2022 at the annual conference of the Israel National Institute for Health Policy and Health Services Research, we document how the number of members of each health plan was affected by births, deaths, immigration to Israel and transitions across plans. This is highly unique analysis in terms of the length of the period under study (25 years) and the use of a very wide variety of databases. The presentation is accompanied by narration by the lead researcher.



Citing suggestion: Rosen, B., Kagya, S., Even D., Shmueli, A., & Horev, T.  (2022). Changes in the Number of Health Plan Members, 1994-2019. S-212-22. Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute. (Hebrew)