The Ethiopian National Project: Program for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse 2008 — Evaluation Study

This report focuses on a program which was developed especially for Ethiopian-Israeli youth and their parents, aimed at preventing the use of alcohol and drugs and associated negative behaviors. The program targets youth at risk who, for the most part, are not yet heavy consumers of alcohol and drugs. It strives to reinforce the self-esteem and sense of self-efficacy of the adolescents and their parents, strengthen the child-parent relationship and impart information on the effects and dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. It consists of 25 sessions with the adolescents, a number of sessions with their parents and a number of joint sessions. The study examined program implementation and participant perceptions of results as a basis for further development.

The following are among the findings:

  • New information on alcohol and drugs – most of the adolescents (84%) reported that the program had supplied them with new information and understanding of the subject and led to changes in their behavior related to alcohol abuse. On this subject and the following subjects, most of the participants rated the program’s contribution as “great” or “very great.”
  • Empowerment and enhanced self-efficacy – 80% of the adolescents said that the program had helped them to understand new things about themselves; 79% said that the program had reinforced their ability to withstand peer pressure; and 70% said that the program had helped them to understand what they would like to do in the future.
  • The adolescent-parent relationship – (59%) of the adolescents noted that the program had improved their relationship with their parents. An additional 22% said that there was no need for improved relations. The mothers stressed that the program had equipped them with tools for better communication with their children, that they felt more involved in their children’s lives and that they had learned ways to encourage, reinforce and support their children.

The main challenges revealed by the study relate to the need to strengthen parental participation, to deal with participants’ tardiness, absences and discipline problems, and to increase the number of sessions.

The study findings were presented to the parties implementing and funding the program and serve as a basis for meaningful discussion of the program’s improvement and dissemination.

The Prevention Program for Drug and Alcohol Abuse is one of the programs offered by the Ethiopian National Project, which is a partnership of the United Jewish Communities – Jewish Federations of North America (UJC), the Government of Israel, representatives of Ethiopian Jewish Community Organizations, the Jewish Agency for Israel, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in Israel and Keren Hayesod. It is implemented by the Efshar Non-Profit Organization in cooperation with the Israel Anti-Drug Authority, the Ministry of Absorption and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services. The study was commissioned and funded by the Ethiopian National Project.

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