A Handbook for Implementing Shared Measurement

A new handbook on implementing shared measurement, published in Hebrew by the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute (MJB), breaks new ground on an issue that is increasingly on the agenda of social organizations and foundations around the world. The Handbook draws on an extensive review of the international experience in shared measurement, on MJB’s interchange with the major international organizations involved in this field and on MJB’s experience in developing and implementing shared measurement.

The Handbook provides organizations that wish to engage in shared measurement, with a detailed description of the stages for developing and implementing shared measurement, along with a discussion of the major dilemmas and considerations in each stage. It also provides lessons learned from previous experience in the field.

The concept and practice of shared measurement can increase the effectiveness of organizations that are working to achieve common goals through: joint definition of goals and measures, agreement on the measurement process and analysis of data, sharing of measurement results, and a collaborative process of learning and drawing lessons to advance their work.  Through this cooperation, each organization can deepen its understanding of the effectiveness of its own efforts, and at the same time, contribute to the larger picture.

The handbook will serve the growing community of organizations in Israel interested in measuring their effectiveness and in developing more cooperation with other organizations or with other divisions within their organization. It has relevance for public organizations, non-profit organizations, and philanthropic organizations.

To promote the Handbook and to expose Israel’s government, non-profit, and philanthropic organizations to shared measurement practices, MJB and the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation are holding a national conference in January 2015.

As a compliment to this Handbook, a broad review of the concept and practice of shared measurement has been published separately. The review develops the concepts of common measures and shared measurement, analyzes the main benefits and challenges of each, and presents a number of real-world examples. It serves as an important background to those who wish to expand their understanding of shared measurement.

This handbook was developed with the support of the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation.