Healthcare in Transition: The Israel Country Report

This monograph provides a comprehensive, analytical description of the Israeli health care system and an analysis of recent reform efforts. It was prepared in a format that facilitates comparisons between Israel and other countries. Key chapters include:

  •  Historical background
  •  Organizational structure and management
  •  Health care financing and expenditure
  •  Health care delivery system
  •  Financial resource allocation
  •  Health care reforms

The monograph was published by the European Observatory of Health Care Systems as part of its Healthcare in Transition (HiT) series. HiTs seek to provide relevant comparative information to support policy-makers and analysts in the development of health care systems in Europe and beyond.

The European Observatory on Health Care Systems has published HiTs for over 40 European countries. In consultation with Israel’s Ministry of Health, the Observatory commissioned Dr. Bruce Rosen, of the JDC Brookdale Institute, to prepare the HiT for Israel. The preparation of the HiT took over two years with over 20 leading Israeli health care professionals providing substantial input in their areas of expertise.

The Israel HiT, which appears on the Observatory website (, will be continuously updated, to reflect unfolding events in Israeli health care.