Idit-Sakhnin, an Education and Employment Program for Arab Women: Evaluation Study – Final Report


Idit was developed by JDC-TEVET in partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and the Ministry of Education with the goal of integrating women from weaker populations (new immigrants and non-immigrant Jewish, Druze and Arab women) into employment. It is based on the idea of the educational and occupational development of the participants. The program model consists of several stages: Completion of education; workshops to improve the participants’ Hebrew language skills; vocational training; and a customized employment program for the participants. The program was implemented for Arab women of poor education in Sakhnin from 2008 to 2010.


The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute’s evaluation study gathered data from all program participants and held in-depth interviews with program staff. The study examined several aspects of the program, including:

  •  Participant characteristics when they joined the program
  •  Implementation of the training provided to participants – the difficulties and the ways they were  addressed
  • The extent that participants integrated into work during the 6 months after completing the program
  •  Characteristics of the jobs that participants were employed in and their satisfaction with them.

Main findings

The findings indicate that the model on which the Idit program is based has potential for long-term success:

  •  More than one-third of participants (11 of 31) held one job 6 months after completing their training.
  •  Most of the participants who were not working were seeking work in their field of study.
  •  All the participants participated in courses to complete their education and most took vocational training.
  •  Most of the participants reported on positive aspects of the program, such as improving their education, upgrading them professionally, and increasing their chances of finding work in their field of study.


JDC-TEVET is currently increasing its efforts to plan and develop employment programs for the Arab population, and the study findings, which have been presented to its directors, serve as an important resource.


The study was commissioned by JDC-TEVET and funded with its assistance.