JDC 2016 Impact Measurement and Evaluation Update

JDC has been developing its Impact Measurement and Evaluation (M&E) capacity over the past 5 years. Each region and division is implementing M&E in ways that are at once unified and customized for regional specific needs. Overall, JDC is steadily increasing its capacity and implementation of both global, regional, and program level M&E. JDC is now working to integrate its monitoring and evaluation practice more deeply into its annual planning cycle for enhanced data-informed decision making.

Each region and division conduct a wide variety of monitoring and evaluation that reflects the scope and breadth of JDC’s reach around the world. This report is designed to provide an overview of major directions in each region and divisions as well as highlights of findings of major studies.

In May 2017, JDC’s CEO David Schizer announced a new partnership with MJB to expand its M&E capacity across the worldwide organization. The announcement represents a culmination this process. The expanded M&E work will be housed in MJB’s Center for System-Wide Impact and Measurement, headed by Yehonatan Almog. It will work in close partnership with Jennifer Heettner, Director of Global Program Knowledge Management at JDC-HQ and with all JDC regions.