Israelis with Disabilities During the Israel-Hamas War: Facts and Figures

Adults and children with disabilities have many and varied needs which are affected by the type of disability and the circumstances of their lives.   The current war has presented additional challenges to people with disabilities, a population that even in ordinary times must cope with many barriers.  To provide appropriate and adequate responses to people with disabilities in times of emergency, it is necessary to understand their needs and the unique challenges that they face during these times, and to prepare for emergency situations by drafting directives in advance and by preparing the people with disabilities themselves, their environment, service providers and essential government services.

In this document, we present data on people with disabilities in Israel and their needs in times of emergency, as well as information on services which have been provided since the initiation of Israel-Hamas War. The document is based principally on information gathered from interviews with representatives of government ministries and civil society organizations and on data provided specially for this document by government ministries, NGOs and other organizations.

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