Promoting Economic Growth and Development of the Bedouin Population in Southern Israel: Education – Second Report on Government Decision 3708

This is the second report of the study on the implementation of Israel Government Decision 3708 concerning the 2011-16 five-year plan to promote economic growth and development of the Bedouin population in the Negev. The first report addressed three areas: employment; early childhood care; transportation; and personal safety. This report examines the implementation of the Decision with respect to formal and informal education. The Decision relates to six areas:

  • Reducing the dropout rate, improving achievements and narrowing gaps
  • Upgrading technological and science education and establishing a post-high school division for technological studies
  • Promoting excellence
  • Career-oriented education
  • Completion of education for adults
  • Expansion of informal education.

The study examined the implementation of the decision as well as the extent of participation in the various programs, and selected indicators of the success of the programs.

The data were obtained from in-depth interviews with key individuals involved in implementing the decision at the management level and on the ground, from statistical and administrative data, from participation in the steering committees of the project, and from field visits.

In our subsequent final report we will examine the extent to which changes have taken place in key outcomes measures that relate to the topics addressed in the decision.

The findings were presented to the steering committee of the study and serve as inputs for planning the next five-year plan for the Bedouin sector, 2017-21.

The study was commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.