Operating Welfare-Education After-School Programs for Children at Risk in Times of Emergency as a Means to Strengthen Resilience: Literature Review

The Israel-Hamas war broke out on October 7, 2023. During the first week of the war, schools shut down countrywide, as well as settings such as welfare-education after-school programs for children under the care of municipal welfare services. A month into the war, the schools and after-school activities still had not returned to normal in many areas in Israel, since rocket attacks and sirens continued all over the country, requiring people to shelter in protected areas.

This literature review addresses the importance of operating the welfare-education after-school programs, as part of strengthening the resilience of elementary school children at-risk and protecting their well-being in times of emergency. The review presents theories that support the operation of these programs during emergencies, as well as practical insights and recommendations designed to help both policymakers and staff maintain the continuity of service in times of emergency.

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