Dr. Lia Moran-Gilad

Family Research Group Leader and Director of the Engelberg Center for Children and Youth

Aging | Children and Youth | Disabilities | Social Inclusion

Family Research Group leader, and Director of the Engelberg Center for Children and Youth, the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute (MJB), Israel’s leading center for applied social research.

Lia Moran-Gilad has worked at MJB since 2019. As Group Leader of the Family Group, she oversees the children and youth, disabilities, social inclusion, and aging research teams. She has a special interest in the development of policy and the investigation of welfare as a component of national security. She is highly experienced in strategic planning and in the area of foreign policy and security, having filled a series of senior roles at the Prime Minister’s Office and the Defense Ministry.

Lia holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Military and Security, an MA in Middle Eastern Studies, and a PhD in International Relations from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.  She also holds a teaching certificate in special education from the Levinsky College of Education and is a certified animal-assisted therapist.

She can be contacted at LiaMG@jdc.org or by telephone at 972-2-655-7408.