World Health Day April 7th

For over 3 decades, MJB’s Smokler Center for Health Policy Research has provided an objective perspective on Israel’s health care system.  Its studies speak to the core challenges facing health care in Israel today:  workforce shortages, the public-private health care mix, and the ongoing effort to reduce health inequalities across populations and geographies.

To mark International World Health Day, below are links to some of the Smokler Center’s recent studies on promoting better access to health care for the entire population.

Policy Efforts to Strengthen Public Hospitals in Israel

Arab Professionals in Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services in Israel: Needs, Patterns of Utilization and Barriers – Survey of the General Adult Population

Patterns of Utilization of Mental Health Services by Persons with Severe Mental Illness: Consumer Survey

How are the Health Plans Preparing to Provide Mental Health Services?

Overview of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Israel

The ISHA Continuing Medical Education Program at Clalit Health Services: Evaluation Report