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A Seminar on Intervention and Prevention Evidence-based Methods for Children who are Victims of Abuse



On May 29, 2014, the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute and the Haruv Institute held a joint seminar on the subject of evidence-based methods for interventions and prevention for children who are victims of abuse.

Our guest lecturer was Prof. Mark Chaffin, Lecturer on Pediatrics and Clinical Psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Prof. Chaffin presented findings from his research on developing, adapting, implementing, and scaling-up evidence-based practice models in multi-agency child welfare and public health systems.  

The lecture attracted 40+ researchers from MJB, Haruv, and other institutions.  In the discussion that followed Prof. Chaffin’s presentation, it was clear that this emerging field of intervention research is highly relevant to researchers and developers of services for children at risk.

The Weinberg Fund for Professional Development and Collaboration supported this important international professional exchange. As always, the lecture provided an opportunity for MJB researchers to learn from a leading international expert and to share their work with other Israeli researchers in this field.

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